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Tonearm recomendations
I completely agree with Patrickamory - at vinylengine you will find some very good information, DIY friendly and some very knowledgeable friendly folk ! 
Advice: My first SACD?
Another good one is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. 
ARC Support
I moved from Chicago to Paris in 1998 and had no problems with ARC who modified my SP9 from 120V to 230V. This was for myself and not for resale and I still have it! 
HDMI vs Component
I use both HDMI and componant with my Marantz DVD and Philips Plasma.I agree HDMI usually gives the better picture but you have no or limited choice on aspect ratio which is chosen by the componants talking to each other.This sometimes is set wron... 
What companies, out of Business, did you LOVE???
Nakamichi - the original cassette decks not this B&0 wannabe stuff! 
Worst Name for A Piece of Equipment
There was a turntable in the '80s named Zarathustra Soliloquy! 
Is my ZeroStat Gun Toast ?
The clicking noise usually means you were squeezing the gun too should be hearing a 'wooshing' noise as you gently squeeze and release the gun. My gun has an attachement for the nozzle which lights up if to check on ion production. 
vote- best looking veenered monitors?
Castle speakers give you a choice of 8 furniture grade standard veneers but their special Yew finish is simply stunning. 
Amp advice for Avantegarde HELP
I heard a pair of Audionote Quest 8W 300B mono SETs with the Avantgarde duos sounding absolutely fabulous - who needs more watts?! 
Best Concert Film
For classical fans:- Cecilia Bartoli's Live in Italy performance is superb - just watch her expressions and the vigor she puts into her singing- not really a concert but The Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould Plays Bach (1981) has some wonderful fo... 
Mark Levinson / Voltage Conversion US = Europe
I had exactly the same problem with my Levinson ML3 power amp when I moved to France.I contacted ML (Madrigal at the time) who were very understanding and proposed to re-wire and service the amp at reasonable cost (sorry can't remember as this was... 
Turntable parts; catalogs suppliers custom shops
Origin Live have a dc motor and power supply Design have parts for platters Audio have all you need! HIFI SUPPLY have a good looking turnta... 
Nakamichi Cassette Decks
I had an MR2 - but it was not a 3 head deck. The MR series were pro versions of their BX range in 19 inch rack mount chassis with handles. I believe the domestic equivalent was the BX-100, 2-head machine which still beat most other brands in sound... 
Best Guitar CD Recording
Friday Night in San Fransisco on : - CD standard edition is good - SBM version on CD is even better - SACD is amazing - on 180gm Vinyl is heaven !!!! 
Sonus Faber V's Sonus Faber
I own the Guarneri but I would have to say I have been impressed with all their speakers and from my experience the Extrema is their best speaker (have not heard the Stradivarus. I spent a afternoon(whilst on holiday in Italy!) at SF's agent in Be...