ARC tube CD players - Burn in

My new ARC cd9 joined a Jeff Rowland integrated and Dynaudio c1 signatures.

Was advised to just listen and not run continuous for burn in. In other words turn off when not listening. After approx 50 hours of use I find many CDs mids and especially highs sound harsh and fatiguing.

Would appreciate any comments regarding sonic change as more hours are put on. Was expecting a warm sonic signature with lots of wonderful detail. Will that arrive after more hours? And if so should I run continuously to speed up the process?

Any comments would be appreciated.
Yashu, I would call Kal at ARC customer service. But I think the instruction manual or a packing insert would tell you what the break-in period is. Most of their new gear requires 600 hours. If that is the same with the CD-9, it's way too early to make any judgments.

I own the Ref 5 SE and Ref 150. My Ref 5 was upgraded at the factory to the SE version. I was told it would take 300 hours for break-in. I think it was more like 600 hours. The Ref 5 SE sounds great. I'm sure you will be equally pleased with the CD-9. I can tell you this -- the CD-8, which I also own, is a terrific CDP. I gotta believe that the CD-9 is even better.

The only reason I suggested you might want to call Kal is that I don't know whether it's a good idea (or not) to run the unit continuously to rack up the 600 hours. I kinda think it would be ok, but I'm just a regular consumer like you -- not an ARC tech rep.
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If the sound continues to be harsh the higher resolution CD player is bringing out deficiencies in your system.
Thanks all!

Would have no problem running a solid state player 24/7, but I think tubes are a different story. Spoke to Kal at ARC, and he did not recommend the 24/7 idea, which is why I haven't done that. But I am very close to trying anyway. I agree Elizabeth that it will take too long the way I'm doing it now.

I'll stick to this a little longer before running all the time. But I think the handwriting is on the wall.
Yashu -

give your player at least 500 hours. Then, start to critically listen. After 600 hours you are DONE!