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Amplifiers in use with big Harbeths (Mon 40 series) that work very well
I own the 40.3XD, and it is my final speaker.   Was running with my Jeff Roland Concentra 2, and it sounded wonderful.  Had the amp for 18 years and got the bug to replace. Now using Hegel h590 and am very happy.  Using the Hegel onboard DAC for ... 
New Stereo Times review on CODA CSiB Integrated Amplifier
Just ordered a Hegel h590.  Maybe this ones better? 
Are these exceptionally well recorded, or what?
Jack audio,Could you be more specific on the rach #2 suggestion.  Not sure which one.Thanks 
Simaudio Moon 600i v2 VS Naim Supernait 3 for Dyanudio C20s
I have a demo now of 600i v1 and like it a lot, but also considering the Hegel h390 or h590.Would appreciate your comparison of 600i and Hegel.Thanks,Louis 
Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?
I don’t  own the Daemon, but do have a 17 year old Concentra 2.Was wondering how much more time my Concentra has before needing some type of service?  Or should I start to look to replace with one of his newer offerings..... 
LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?
Had anyone heard the z40 integrated?I’m considering it for my Harbeth 40.3.  Concerned it might not be enough power.  I’m now using a Jeff Roland Concentra 2. 
Has anyone successfully put their speakers in storage for an extended period of time?
Yes!I stored in the original boxes a pair of Spendor SP1 for well over a decade. I now use them in a second system and they are wonderful.  Still sound amazing.  No problems at all.  Wife draped the cartons in lovely fabric.  Topped with glass and... 
Speaker Suggestion for Audio Research VSi75
I have a pair of Harbeth SLH5 plus in mint condition I might sell.  They are in perfect condition. 
What power amp or integrated amp are you using with your Harbeth speakers
I’m using my Jeff Roland Concentra 2 with Harbeth 40.3, and it sounds exquisite.  Actually have paired this amp to many different speakers and they all sounded wonderful.It’s a class A, and runs quite hot......but trouble free for close to 15 years. 
EAR founder has cancer
The glass is half full ——— NOT half empty!I survived cancer just about 11 years ago.  It can be done.  One day at a time, a couple of major surgeries and now it seems like ancient history.72 and still going strong.  Playing and listening to great ... 
Using Oppo 105 as transport
I use my 105 to stream Tidal and it’s wonderful.  You do not need a TV.  Oppo has a great APP I use on my iPad and iPhone.  The Tidal interface is very good.  No problems.Also have a bluesound node2 streamer.  OPPO sounds much better. 
So I have a DAC; now what Player should I look at?
Can’t really beat the Bluesound Node 2 as long as you have a good DAC.....It does it all and acts flawlessly. 
Is anyone doing this with a Bluesound Node 2 or other streaming component?
I have run my beloved Node 2 directly through my integrated amp using rca connectors and it sounds quite good on Tidal. But when I run it through my AR DAC the sound quality is much much better.  Way more detail, resolution, and an expansive sound... 
Streamer Advice: Bluesound Node 2 vs Aries Mini vs Oppo
I have both Oppo 105 and Node2.Sound quality streaming Tidal is far superior on my Oppo compared to the Node 2 on its own.  Both apps are quite similar.  And both are run through my integrated amp.  DAC in Oppo has much more detail, and has larger... 
Hardware Streamers
Guess you’ll just have to try it.  I really have no idea.  Can only tell you about my set up......