Arcam FMJ CD36 or Simaudio Moon Nova?

Hi, has anyone compared these CD players? I am looking to upgrade my source, but don't want to spend more than $2K.

I currently have a Rotel RCD-951, with a C-J PV14L pre and MF2500 amp. I am looking for a CD player which is neutral. I don't like bright components (like the Krell integrated), so I don't want a CD player which will sound overly-detailed. However, I also don't want a dark-sounding player since the C-J stuff is already pretty laid back.

If there are other players I should consider, I would like to hear about them as well. I picked these two since they have been widely reviewed and are currently for sale. Thanks!
After hearing the CD36 and the CD192 back to back, I would suggest you try the 192. It was excellent. Also, the Audio Aero Prima matches your search criteria very well. I have one and haven't regretted ever buying it.
Take a look at the Sim Audio Equinox. I feel it is a little better than the Nova.
I have spent time with New Arcam 36, the 33, the CD192 and the audio aero prima, older model. I think the Arcams are on the warm musical side, tremendous depth, and very enjoyable to listen to. The 192 did not have the depth, detail of upper frequency or tightness of base as the FMJ 33 or 36 but it was very close. I actually perfered the 33 over the 36. After several weeks of break-in the 36 still did not sound as musical as the 33. I would strongly look at trying to find a nice demo or used 33. There is one for sale hear on Audiogon. I also liked the fact that I registered mine on-line and a few weeks later was sent a nice letter and document of warranty for 5 years. The Audio aero I listened to was not the current model. It was detailed but I found it a little thin and did not have a great depth of sound stage.
Thanks for the responses. I ended up bidding on (and getting) the Simaudio Moon Nova, even though no one recommended it! I'll keep the others in mind if I'm not happy with the sound.