Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?

I have two PS Audio AC3 and two Pangea AC 14 cables I don't use.  My thinking is that Ayre wouldn't supply cables that are inadequate for their components.  Is that thinking flawed?

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glupson, your question would be best answered by you're researching a little bit of electric power distribution history in the United States.

I don't know how old you are, but there was a time when there was no such thing as a three prong plug or a three hole receptacle.

During the transition, many folks received mild electric shocks ;~)
During the transition, many folks received mild electric shocks ;~)

>>>>One can’t help wondering if that might help curtail the anger and whining here?

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05-09-2020 11:20am
@ cleeds, turnbowm

"No, disconnecting the ground conductor at the EQUIPMENT end, as I specified, does NOT create a safety hazard.  However, disconnecting the ground conductor at the wall outlet end does indeed create a safety hazard!  A bit of research into equipment grounding techniques will explain why.

Some audio equipment now comes with a workaround for the UL power cord grounding requirements:  you may have noticed a "ground lift" switch on the rear of the chassis. Toggling the switch to the "lift" position accomplishes the same thing as disconnecting the green ground conductor at the equipment end of the OEM power cord."

It doesn't matter which end you disconnect the ground, it's a safety hazard in either case. If an insulation failure occurs/exists in the equipment, the chassis could become "hot" (120VAC). If an individual places one hand on this equipment and their other hand on properly grounded equipment, the resulting condition could prove fatal.

As for the "ground lift" switch on some equipment, that removes the connection between signal ground and chassis ground, which has nothing to do with the power delivery. 

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05-09-2020 12:06pm

"....My amplifier and CD player (same brand) came with two-pronged cord and connector on the devices. I am not sure what certifications they have, but they are from a relatively reputable manufacturer. I somehow doubt they cut corners there...."

Equipment that is double-insulated does NOT require a connection between chassis and earth ground. In such cases, a 2-pronged power cord is perfectly acceptable.