Skywire's cables... experiences? Scarcity thereof?

I'm disclosing I just reviewed Skywire's budgetarily constrained SE cables for stereotimes (does that violate any posting laws of the universe!?). Had their 1200 cables on loan for...longer than I should. It was Marty De Wulf's review of their 1400 series cables along with a sixmoons review from a while ago that piqued my curiosity. I asked Jimmy over at Skywire if, before i sent back the 1200's and SE's, i could compare and contrast them with their big brothers-- the 1400 and even the big dawg 2020's. He agreed. Good god these things are amazing! Quiet, detailed, and sooooo lively! No- Skywire ISN'T paying me to say that. (But they should be :)
Don't hear much about this line- has any smurf heard them? Thoughts? Conjectures?
I only have the Skywire SE interconnects, and I think they are very very good cables for the money. I bought them after MDW rave about the 1400 series.

The science behind them is real, and that is probably why they are so quiet. But.... I do not like the use of stranded silver plated copper wire. IMO it always has a distinct sonic signature that can be bettered.

The designer behind Skywire holds patents and is an EE type, that is why the science is so good, but cable making is also an art where metal selection is concerned.
Interesting, Agisthos. I do love the SE's but the 1400 and the 2020 have seriously impressed me. Sooooo quiet yet so detailed and as always the tone is right on. What sonic signature do you hear with the stranded silver plated copper? So far--especially with the higher ups in the line, I'm hearing really less of a signature than I've heard previously-- other than the hush of quiet, that is.
Abramsmatch, to me stranded sliver plated copper, has a slight artificiality that pure copper and pure silver do not have. But I also prefer solid core and ribbons over stranded cables.

But this conversation is being unfair.... the Skywire will smash any similar type of cable in its price range. And I have only heard the SE, not the higher end range.

For those uninitiated, the designer Don Palmer, has a backround in radio transmission and holds several patents. He is really onto something, with his use of harmonic node points.

The Skywire SE has a HUGE amount of detail and a LOW LOW noise floor, very quiet as Abramsmatch mentioned.
Purchased a pair of the 1400 interconnects to compare against my DH labs Silver Sonic Revelations and initially I really wasn't that impressed with the Skywire interconnects. HOWEVER after a couple of days in the system I realized that the Skywires were the best I have ever heard. I really like them. They are clear, three dimensional and colorless. I plan on purchasing another pair in a couple of weeks. I highly recommend that you audition a pair before you try any of the higher priced interconnects. BTW they really allow me to hear into the soundstage at relatively lower volumes. And I like that!