Are Ohm Walsh Speakers the Poor Man's MBLs?

Are the Ohm Walsh speakers and the MBl speakers using essentially the same technology? Has anyone had experience with how the two compare to one another. Clearly there is a major price difference, but do the Ohm's give ~99% of the experience?

Just curious.
I am curious about the Morrison's as well. I noticed too that the Morrison's are short. Is there no need for Omni's of this sort to be the height one would put a monitor speaker? The Micorwalsh is also short. Maybe Ohm made the Microwalsh Tall to get just a bit more bass and sell to a buyer expecting a speaker of that size and height.

The OHM Walsh drivers tend to radiate more upwards than downwards. You will hear a distinct drop-off in teh top end if you listen from a vertical location below the drivers. For this reason, it is generally not good for the drivers to be mounted too high. At the same time, the cabinet is ported on the bottom to help with low end extension, so some height is needed for that.
I have owned MBL 111s and can confirm that they have magical presence.  I first heard them at the Venetian at CES and was blown away.  Nothing else save the Acapella Violin has given me that suspension of disbelief that the musicians were actually in the room with me.  I am in the process of downsizing, and will have a much smaller space in which to enjoy my 2-channel music, so am looking for a downsized audiophile solution.  
So can you keep the MBL speakers or are you considering buying them? Not clear on what you are saying.