Are SLR Balanced inter-conect's better than RCA 's

I have a Sunfire Theater Grand II pre/proc and Sunfire Cinema Grand II amp (225 wattsx5). Will the blanced inputs/outputs improve the sound quality enogh to HEAR not just MEASURE a difference ? Also,is it OK to use the available 225 watts to drive a quality speaker rated at 80 watts RMS(4 OHMS resistance)so long as I keep the system at a non-clipping volume level.
AS of Sunday June 8, NOBODY has answered this question even though 30 of you (so far) have viewed it. I am assuming it is a very stupid question,........ or a very difficult one ?????
PLEASE, somebody let me know.
Thank You
I don't have an answer for you on your particular gear, but this active thread at AA maybe helps you a bit.