Are the Aesthetix Rhea as popular as years back ?

Haven't seen much people post about this Rhea.
I did see these popular years back, how about these days ? are people still using this phono stage ?
How are they compared to the newer brands out there ?
They are really top flight and you might already know new and different does not mean better.
I also still have mine and I am quite happy with it. As I said in one of my response's the Rhea is a good match with my other components as it adds "flesh and body".

I have had mine for two years and absolutely love it. I listened to the ARC PH7 and the BAT VK-P10 and preferred the Aesthetix Rhea to all other phono stages that I tried in my system. The ARC and the BAT were great, but for the sound, price, and flexibility the Rhea is though to beat.
I have a Rhea with reference mods done by Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. I am quite pleased with the exception of noise. With that said I am not looking to replace it. I have not heard a stock Rhea or the Sig model that Aethetix offers. Does anyone have a suggestion for a line stage that really compliments the Rhea??