New production 6SL7 Tubes whats the most popular?

I have a tube integrated amp that uses two 6SN7's and two 6SL7's followed by four KT88's. Staying with new production option of the Sovtek 6SL7GT and the newer Tungsol 6SL7GT. Which of these two options for the budget minded are the best in terms of sound and reliabilty. I have tried both and am thinkig the Sovtek have a less euphonic sound, perhaps more accurate sounding than the Tungsol that come across as warmer and tubier in presentation with less bite to treble. are the more expensive Tungsol universally considered better than the Sovtek's or do some of you prefer the Sovtek. Thanks
Hi BSB,The 6SN7 is at the front of circuit(input side) and the 6SL7 is after (output side). Thanks
In my opinion, the best "new" 6SL7 (and 6SN7) tubes are leftover Chinese military versions, under the Shuguang (not the current red or brown base) and Nanjing labels.

Both are metal base, have different sonic signatures, and available at low cost, even if the Nanjing are far more difficult to obtain for a Westerner. Not that this should make a difference, but I find the look of the Nanjing very nice; a shiny, silver metal base with a pretty cool logo to boot. For the important stuff, I think the Shuguang are better, but for one looking for a warmer, richer, fatter sound, that is often so very much needed to balance the sound of today's components, the Nanjing might be the better option.