Are the Mods handling these forums as well as they could be? How can we help them?

Let me begin by congratulating the mods on the job they are doing here, as one who has had experience doing the very same job on forums it is a usually a thankless unpaid task that garners no friends in any quarter!

That being said I am of the belief that just deleting posts that are deemed inappropriate is not the best way to handle the rabble rousers who are left free to perform said actions again and again and again.
This is a select few who are well known to the majority but can and do spoil many a decent thread and have indeed caused a number of once regular contributers to go "dark".
My proposal would be for the mods to tally up infractions for inappropriate posts and after a certain points limit is hit then an automatic ban should occur, the severity of which would be decided by the mods based on the manner of the infractions. I have found that if posters know there is a system in place that could limit their freedom to post they usually think twice about said posts and if not , well soon enough they become irrelevant anyway.

I am also accustomed to the mods being well known to other members, not faceless entities although this is not the end of the world just a little odd from my previous background.

What do the Audiogon membership think on this matter?

I sincerely hope the mods do not remove this thread as it is not intended as direct criticism , rather as a tool to help them possibly deal with the increasing problem in a way that the membership would be most comfortable with.
What Agon really needs is a grid view for buyers with pics of all items for sale. Get with the times! Most all sites that sell things including competing sites to Agon have this but the high end audio site does not unless seller decides to pay for it.
Rules? Too many butt hurt people on here. You don't have to read the topics.
Rules already exist for this site, unfortunately a select few continue to ignore them.
It has NOTHING to do with being butt hurt, at least not from my perspective.
It is just pretty annoying to keep seeing posts removed which at times makes the subsequent replies confusing and meaningless.
Just my opinion....
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