Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?

Considering buying the Ohm Walsh 2000 Tall but very few reviews has me questioning there quality. Any thoughts?
I've had a pair of 5000s since 2012. They sound wonderful loud and I do love loud. I have the classic Maxell man poster right above my stereo. You know the one that looks like he is blowing away. With Classic Rock and Grunge the Ohms are supurb. I did blow out a tweeter and ad to send them back for repair. John installed a protection mechanism that lights up and burns excess energy when needed. I haven't blown a tweeter since 2013. I drive them with a Bryston 14b3 600 watt amp that tests out at 680 watts on the bench. I'm a proponent of linear power. The more you have will carry over to a more realistic presentation on speakers that are not as efficient. The properly powered bigger Ohms will make you jump out of your seat during dynamic peaks like JCM drum in "Jack and Diane" or EJ "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" they can pressurize a properly matched room. About the protection mechanism. It hasn't flashed since I swapped out thoss speaker cables with the mystery box.
I started out in 2010 ordering a pair of the Micro Talls.  they took  about a month to break in.  I experimented with the speaker placement until one day I hit the magic combination.  The speakers and room were working together to give me a stunning  soundstage and presentation that surprised me.  I was so impressed that I called John and ordered a pair of the 1000's and shipped the Micro Talls back.  The 1000's go deeper (30's) and handle more power.  I didn't like any of the veneers that were offered, so I had them paint them gloss black.  For me, the fit and finish were fine on both sets.
   I am extremely happy with my 1000's, and if I upgrade it will be to a larger Ohm speaker.  All in all, getting these speakers is the best chance I ever took.
@joefish , I’m new to the forum. I remember listening to Ohm F’s circa 1977 at the local Tech Hifi. Never had the funds to splurge. Gonna retire soon, so I’m considering the 1000’s for myself. What are you using for an amplifier? Turntable, streaming, etc.?

I bought the speakers first and then a Yamaha RX receiver (105wpc) and a Yamaha 5 disc cd player.  No turntable. I spent most of my budget on the speakers and I'm glad I did. Even with modest equipment the OHMS really sing, and I have no urge to upgrade as of yet.  Everything sounds great  The OHMS really surpassed my expectations

Thanks JF. I’m going to set them up as my office system with “decent” power and don’t need to break the bank - entirely.