Are there any good speakers yet for Dolby Atmos?

My Pioneer SC-27 is making it known that it wants to retire soon and I have started to look at replacement receivers. I am most intrigued by Atmos. I think this may be a real breakthrough in sound quality, but I dread the thought of being a pioneer with so little information on the tubes about how to integrate it into an already decent-sounding 7.1 system. Ideally, I cannot justify buying any of the Atmos-enabled speaker systems I have found on-line as they would all be a huge setback in quality compared to the infinity speakers I have been running for a while now. Has anyone tried Atmos yet at home? Does anyone know of an actual review of an at-home attempt to implement it? The possibilities to go down the wrong speaker purchase path are endless, and there seems to be controversy about its implementation by in-ceiling vs. top-firing floor-standing modules built-in or placed on top of floor-standing HT speakers. Intuitively, it would seem that bouncing sound off the ceiling would be cheaper but would create havoc with imaging like the old Bose and EPI's did in the 70's.

Ceiling mounting has its own downside in buying an additional 100' of speaker wire and cutting the holes. Since there is so little info out there about how to choose the hole locations, I wonder how easy it would be to move them around the ceiling as much as I have moved the floor-standers set right.

I have read all of the stuff Dolby has on its public website, but most of that looks like basic PR stuff.

If I'm lucky, my old receiver will hold up long enough to get a better idea about how to proceed from others' experience before I have to roll up my sleeves and actually put it in here. I wish Dolby would give this product a bigger push than they have so far. Even the electronic giants like Denon, Pioneer and Onkyo, who are among their current customers, have barely a line about it in their new product brochures or on-line manuals.