Are there hybrid cables - solid and stranded?

Are there cables that combine solid and stranded cables into one?

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I do not know, however,I can tell you for fact Taralabs invented solid core conductors for cables!, They could not patent that, so they did rectangle solid core conductors!, They turned the industry into what it is today!,their top cables are some of the best available!,, cheers!
Not sure what you are asking. Solid core simply means a single strand. If you are wondering if someone is making a cable with a single conductor insulated seperately from many conductors within in the same cable than yes there are hybrid cables.
Some speaker wires are thick solid one strand, while others are thin with many many strands - are there cables that combine the best of the both worlds is my question.

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I believe DNM was a big proponent of solid core cables before Tara Labs.
I'm pretty sure the various cable companies offer every conceivable configuration of solid, stranded and Litz wire, shielded and unshielded, to meet our demands, even the ones we didn't know we had :-)
There were proponents of Solid Core cables long before Tara Labs. I remember back in the late 80's, some of the british mags were big proponents of solid core designs.
I have just hooked up my fourth set of speaker cables between Maggie 1.7s and Parasound Halo amps. Kimber 8TC was replaced by Tellurium Q Black cables from England. I moved things and needed longer cables, so I stuck in some huge old Radio Shack bradded cables. They were a disappointment. Recently I tried RiverCables. I think they are the best of the lot, and cost quite a bit less. They are 7 gage, flat, sort of, and sound like nothing! Forget design and go with process. You can return these if you don't like them, but I was delighted!
Kimber Kable combines many different gauges of wire combined into one conductor than they will take four or eight of those and braid them together.
Here is a bulk interconnect (Neotech 3001):