Are XLR Shorting Straps the same as shorting plugs?

I just got a Rowland Model 1 and the manual says to use XLR shorting plugs.  I was also told by an industry rep that I could just use RCA shorting plugs, instead, to short the unused non-inverting inputs, which I’ve done.

I can’t find any XLR shorting plugs but did find XLR shorting strap like this:

Will this do the same thing as a shorting plug?



thank you so much!  I read the manual but obviously not well enough.  And yes, I’m operating in stereo.  Thanks again.

I took a look at the manual for the Model 1, which I found at As I interpret the information provided on page 5 of the six page manual it appears that XLR shorting plugs are only necessary if the amp is being used in bridged mono mode and is being provided with a single-ended input. I assume you are not using the amp in bridged mono mode, since you mentioned getting "a" Model 1, which I presume means one amp.

If I am correct in assuming that you are using the amp in stereo mode and providing it with single-ended inputs, the RCA shorting plugs you have in place are all that is necessary.

But if you were to operate the amp in bridged mono mode while providing a single-ended signal to its right channel non-inverting RCA input (as specified in the manual) I’m pretty certain that the "XLR shorting strap" you referred to would be suitable, and in that situation (and only in that **exact** situation) it would be connected between pins 1 and 3 of the right channel XLR connector.

-- Al