Are you on or off? What say you?

The HiFi Merry-Go-Round!

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Off- If it’s pointless merry-go-round 

On- if I’m open to possible future well thought of upgrades

I’m Off, and still trying to get the bad taste out of my mouth from being on. Over this past year my room has seen three different streamers, multiple cable interconnects and speaker cable, and a highly reviewed integrated amp. Each one of these turned out to be a step in the wrong direction. Everything I have in my rack now was there over a year ago. I’m back to where I started and happy to be there – wiser but poorer. I’m off, and glad to be off  – and loving my system.  

Definitely off.My last 2 purchases really did it for me. My McIntosh Q112 and my ARC Ref 9 cd.