Arragon Palladium@'s Vs Threshold T800D

Hi I'm currious what members opinion on Threshold T800d Vs Arragon Palladium II's.
I've noticed no one has responded to you. I don't have personal direct experience with the pieces, but from what I have heard, the Threshold T series are very good sounding amplifiers, probably in another league from Aragon. I was going to buy one myself, but have some fear of the special output transistors, the IGBT's, since they are no longer made. The possibility of an output blowing with normal usage is minimal, however, it cannot be guaranteed. Then what?
well following the response above may i say that the aragons are superb amp at any cost. 125 w pure class a 600w at class a/b .they will drive any speaker you can have or will have plus they have the beauty of more expensive amps.quality is as good as it gets.