Assemblage - anyone???

I am curious about the lack of comments regarding Assemblage digital products, DAC 3.1, 2.7, and D2D-1. Although the reviews of these products in Soundstage and PlanetHiFi are generally excellent, Stereophile mostly ignores them, and the comments in these posts seem to be fewer than for MSB Link, BelCanto and others. I have a DAC 2.6 which I really like, and plan to add a D2D-1 for upsampling and jitter reduction. Should I be looking at MSB? Am I missing something? I would appreciate hearing from those who have had a chance to compare directly.
I'm still breaking in a DAC 3.1 Platinum/D2D-1 combo, but all I can say is they are already the very best digital reproduction I've ever heard. Perhaps their elevated price point places these products beyond direct (or fair) comparison with a Bel Canto or MSB. Having kit roots may also ironically give these products an inferior image in comparison with their more expensive SF siblings (and may explain why a mag like Stereophile ignores them), but design and component quality are throughly first class. Cherish your DAC 2.6 - it's a wonderful product. But be sure to get the OPA627s and Burr-Brown filter upgrade if you really want your 2.6 to shine. The D2D-1 is a particularly nice addition to the 2.6, as the later Assemblage DACs now have upgraded digital sections with high precision second PLL stages similar to the D2D-1 (2 ps native jitter).
I tend to agree.I am a Vinyl first guy.But i want to find a palyer I can live with.The 3.1 can stay with me.
Since I posted this in March, I have broken in my DAC 2.6, with (essential) op-amps and Burr-Brown filter upgrades, and D2D-1. I am sure the 3.1 is a better unit, but the 2.6/D2D-1 combination has been outstanding in my system. I do notice however, some CD's sound better without the upsampling. It is a nice feature that the 2.6 allows the choice to cancel the upsampling.
Anyone looking for a deck to mate with a multichanger.This is the one.For the times you want to load the player up sit back and not move for hours this DAC will thrill you.