Assembling 2 channel to listen to iTunes & CD's

I am thinking of getting Focal Electra 1038 be2 speakers for my family room. The dealer had them paired to a Devialet amp/DAC. Sounded amazing till I heard the $16000 price for the Devialet.

I plan on listening to a lot of music and not really critically listening, but more of having the system on while we are in the family room and kitchen. When I get the chance I will definitely crank it up!!

I've been out of the loop for sometime and wanted to see what options I had to listen to all the music I have on my computer. Granted, it all sounds crappy due to the compression. I have no problem with buying a CD player and buying about 20-30 of the albums that I really want to listen to.

Any suggestions for how to assemble this system? Pre amp options, DAC options, high quality streaming, etc. Definitely can't spend $16,000 on a Devialet.....
I'd use Mytek 192 DAC-preamp with DSD capabilities and hook it up via balanced outputs to Crown K2 amp (750Wpc/8Ohms fanless, quiet, precise and clean!)
Crown K2 can now be found used(out of production darn!) in $500 range and it's true giant killer.

The other optionis active monitors such as Event Opal with room EQ built-in pair is $3k powered by over 500wpc of amplification.