Asymmetrical speaker wire arrangement issues?

I debated putting this in the recent thread regarding the anti-cables, but my question is a bit different. Thanks to Sean and others, I understand that many factors can affect a wires performance as a speaker wire - thanks for the excellent discussion. The problem that I have is with the arrangement of my listening room, I need to have my amp to one side of both speakers. I bi-wire my Totem Forests with equal lengths for all eight wires. Due to the arrangement, one set of wires runs straight, while the other set, being closer to the speaker, meanders in a random pattern to take up some of the wire length. Sort of like the diagram below.

Amp L Speaker R Speaker

Now the questions...1. Can the random (chaos) meandering of the left speaker wire lead to a different sound from that speaker as compared to the right speaker with a straight wire run? (There does seem to be a subtle difference in sound) 2. Will this be amplified using anti-cable wires with such a thin covering? (I'm now using twisted Totem wires - silver coated copper with Teflon sheath but I have some anti-cables that I will try soon.) 3. What arrangement can help assuming that I can't rearrange the speaker/amp setup? 4. Would other cables with more shielding work better given my situation? Of ocurse, I'll give the anti-cables a try but I want to have a better understanding of the issues and possible solutions. BTW, I'm using a DK hybrid with Arcam FMJ 23 cd in a brightish room.


My one time KEF speaker owner's manual suggested excess wire be arranged "concertina fashion." I think this means folded back and forth like an accordion instead of neatly coiled. However gently folding usually makes the wire spring in all directions after I let go. Rather than force it to adapt to my wishes, I usually let it pop into whatever postition it likes. Ugly yes, but no sonic penalty of note here.
I've got the same situation, due to a fireplace being flanked on either side by my Meadowlark Blue Heron 2's . I am running Shanling SP80 monoblocks with anti-cable, 12 foot runs. The right speaker anti-cable is stretched out, the left speaker anti-cable is coiled behind the left speaker. The amps are on the left side, of course. I have had no issues with this set up.
I just added Silent Audio Apollo A interconnects, and I think there is a synergy that works quite well.Can't wait for the interconnects to burn in.