With ringing in the New Year, I am thinking on trying the ATC SCM40 speakers. This is a huge speaker budget plunge for me but before I make a final decision, I want to see what you think on this model?  Currently I have the Vandersteen 2ci 

which they sound great powered by an Adcom GFA-5500 amp and a Rotel RC-995 preamp.

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I recently posted my experience auditioning the active version of these speakers and loved them.  John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ has both the active and passive versions on the floor.  I think the actives sound much better, but they are also about $5k more.  Of course, you could then sell your amp.

I owned SCM40 passive speakers for a while and then upgraded to the SCM50ASLT active speakers. Like many others, I prefer active ATC speakers.

After trying a number of tube and solid state amps with the 40s, I found the Coda Continuum No 8 stereo amp to sound the best in my room to my ears. Manley Snapper mono blocks also sounded very good.

At the Arizona Audio Video Club Speaker Fest in 2019, ATC SCM40 passive speakers with ATC electronics won by a wide margin against seven other well regarded speakers.

Sorry, I have no experience with the OP's Adcom amp.

vinylvalet we are a coda dealer and the coda does sound amazing with atc 

we have experience with adcom and vandersteen 


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If you plan on using the 10x9 room(system post) the ATC SCM 19v2 would be a better choice. I would also upgrade the amp/preamp.