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Network optimization for serious streamers
Good reviews, faster speed, better wifi coverage.  
Network optimization for serious streamers
Bought the Asus RT-AX86U Pro wifi router from Amazon.  
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
@mikey8811  It doesn't 'tip into edginess' at all.  
Best USB cable upgrade for around $1000
@mikey8811  I found the Mad Scientist Black Magic Ultra USB cable an excellent upgrade over their Black Magic USB. It still has the lively vivid sound but is more neutral with more detail.  
Triode Wire Labs
I've had many different cables nearing 50 years of this hobby. Kimber, Van den Hul, Merlin, QED, Atlas, Chord.   My current favourites Mad Scientist; Black Magic Ultra power cords, Black Magic Ultra USB cables Audience AU24SX RCA interconnect... 
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
@wqgq_641  I had a similar problem with my ATC SCM19v2 stand mount speakers. So worried about my grandson, I dismantled my system for 18 months. Now is in my bedroom 😳 But have bought sturdy Sound Anchors stands, and Stack Audio Auva 70 speaker... 
vibration control - cd player
Many years ago I had sorbothane. Moved up to vibrapods. No noticeable improvement with either (but that most probably was my system at the time). Ended up with Black Ravioli Pads. What a change. Even more so with the Black Ravioli Big Pads. They ... 
Network optimization for serious streamers
I'm looking to replace my wifi router. Have decided on an Asus RT-AX86U Pro. Will be a significant upgrade on my IP provided unit. Will use my Plixir Elite power supply with it. Have read about the possibility of upgrading the clock in your rou... 
Update on good Ethernet switch
After much deliberation, I’ve decided to purchase an Uptone Audio EtherREGEN Gen2 when it becomes available around April.  
Pimping your router
@gladmo  Sorry for the delayed response. I have the Stack Audio SmoothLan in. But cancelled my Qobuz subscription of the summer. Will reactivate that in March, and evaluate the SmoothLan then.  
External Linear Power Supplies
@knownothing Thanks for the question. Sorry for the delayed reply. The one review I had found that used a separate power supply for a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra streamer observed no improvement. I reread that review a long time later, and the... 
2024 Audio System Wish List
1. Replace wifi extender with ethernet cable to streamer 2. Upgrade and reclock wifi router and get new linear power supply 3. Purchase Uptone EtherREGEN Gen2  
Ways to make your digital streaming sound better
Man, I didn't miss anything. Banned is the best course.  
DAC with i2S
I have a previous model Gustard A22, and love it. No I2S input unfortunately.  
DAC with i2S
Gustard R26 is a well reviewed Dac.