Atmasphere MA-1 vs. BAT Amps

Please compare based on a 4 ohm speaker with 93 db sensitivity.
It really depends on the impedance curve... although 93 dB does make it easy. I listened to the MA-1s before and they sounded great when driving easy loads in low volumes. Other than that they simply break up when I listen to piano concertos, not to mention loud symphonic stuff. Be careful with the tubes also as faulty tubes will still light up and you have no way of knowing how many good tubes are left in operation.
Hi Jtinn, I just had a phone conversation recently with a dealer who carries both the Atmasphere and the Bat amps. If you are refering to the new Bat VK150se amps he was taken by the sound of the new Bat amps. If you would like you can e-mail me at I can give you his phone # so you can speak to him directly. Best of luck, Tom