ATMOS speakers

Hi, pretty much just wondering if I should get this ones or not.

I like that they can be mounted on the corner, high up on the wall with the ceiling with the special mount they come with.
I know is a old discontinued speaker but would it be just fine for ATMOS content?

Are you looking for Front Height or Top Middle speakers? Atmos speakers should not be near the side walls, they should be in-line with the front L/R speakers, and reach at least 100Hz in-room. If the room isn’t very wide, you can mount them on the corners of the side wall, it’s just not to spec.
Yes something like that on the front wall directly above the Left and right channel as high as it can be.

I also found this ones,
they are only 4'' depth so they wont protrude to much and I might be able to mount them on the ceiling.

would those polk owm3 be a better choice?