attenuating maggie 3.6's

anyone done this? results good bad or ugly? i blow tweeter fuses sometimes, and sometimes i find the speakers bright. i'm running bryston 7bst's, a rogue 99 magnum, linn front ends (lp-12 and ikemi), a rel sub, all wired up with acoustic zen. thanks in advance.
I believe the Magnepan literature, which says that many recordings are made with overbright highs to compensate for speakers that roll off. They suggest that you insert a resistor in series with the tweeter so as to match the Maggie response to what the recording engineer assumed when the recording was made. Every speaker crossover network that I know of except for Maggies has a tweeter "padding" resistor. Magnepan gives you the ability to easily select the value of this resistor so as to suit your taste (or more likely, your HF hearing).
I would suggest that if you use a resistor that you use the highest quality type you can find. I tried the ones that came with my Maggies and they sounded somewhat grainy and less transparent. Magnepan does not appear to be supplying resistors of premium quality...

I don't know the best ones to use and I went back to using my Maggies without the resistors, but perhaps someone here has experimented more with different types and can tell you the best kind to use.
As an experiment with low cost biwire, I replaced the one ohm resistor that I had been using with a small size wire run for the tweeter, calculated (and measured) to give me the one ohm that I like. I think the results are very good, and I don't know any other way to biwire for $8.50!