Audible Illusions S-120 amp owner's manual

So I’ve got this lovely unicorn, which mates perfectly and sounds fabulous with my L2B pre but, unsurprisingly, I can’t get Art Ferris’ attention to sell me an owner’s manual or answer any questions about it. It’s an OG 1990 version, and still sounds brand new (quite an amazing feat, really).

Anyone out there have the manual for it and willing to scan/copy/sell it to me? I am NOT looking for a freebie and I’m happy to pay a reasonable amount for it, even a scanned copy - you set the price.

Thanks in advance!




I’ve found that it’s easier to get Art’s attention by phone than email. I’ve had 2 questions in the past six months, and he picked up both times I


Thanks @laginz. I've tried that too, and each time he rushed off the phone before he answered my questions.  I will continue to try, but I figured I'd send up a flag on the off chance that there's a generous soul out there who'd be willing to share their copy with me.

I managed to get Art on the phone yesterday afternoon, and he was in a good mood, answered all of my questions, but couldn't provide an owners manual, so still looking for one if anyone can help.

Much appreciated.