Audience Power Chord or SR Master Coupler?

I need a 10 ft power cord to feed my entire system through a PS Audio Quintet power conditioner. Which means it should be a high current capable cable.

I have an immediate choice of an Audience Power Chord or a Synergistic Master Coupler. Which would be the better choice for my purposes?

What about a DIY cable?
I cannot speak to the SR Master Coupler but I can tell you that I've tried alot of power cords and have been very happy over the past few months with both 15-amp and 20-amp versions of the new Audience PowerChord "E" versions. There is something about how this cable performs that is 'just right'; the price is also extremely competitive and fair. For long runs (I have one that is 13 feet in length), their additive pricing is one of the best (i.e. most reasonable) I've seen.
I have a SR Master Coupler powering my Esoteric x-03se, and it is simply great. Quite smooth-very fleshed out, very good lows, mids, and highs. I actually prefer it over the Audience Powerchord, which I use for my pre/Joule, and my amp/VTL. I'd love to snag an "E" version of the Audience Powerchord to see if it bests the SR in system for my Esoteric.