Audio Aero Capitole 192 MK II se upgrade

Good morning all,

I would like to know if anyone of you knows exactly what kind of capacitors and tubes you need to buy to upgrade the Capitle. Thanks
No I did not. To be honest, I do not really believe in all that cryo voodoo.

You don't "believe" in cryo'd tubes? Is this religion or a search for better audio performance? You have to go with your ears and switch-off the paranoia that can develop after getting burned or lied-to by too many cable/accessory "hypesters".
Have you ever actually tried cryogenically treated tubes? I have heard obvious improvement in components with the use of cryo'd tubes.
If you've never tried it before and own Atmasphere amps with two million tubes in them :-) I can see being a little reluctant, but a couple of tubes in a preamp or CD player is not going to break the bank, and it's worth trying.
hi Elberoth2

how many caps have to be changed. Can it be done by a local mechanic. anything else to be done to make it SE other than cryo tubes. i have a capitol reference.

thank you in advance
Just two. My Capitole mk II used Hovland Musicap 0,1uF, your Reference prolly uses the same, but you have to check for yourself. Just replace them with same value, Teflon V-Cap capaciors. I belive they are 40 each.