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In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
i had lots and lots of email conversations with Bobby, brought VSM & Fila to India... cant believe he died... true gentelman.... RIP.. ( return if possible) 
Power cord with a Mcintosh MC402
you should have reveling speakers etc , etc to know the difference.. 
Merlin VSM -how much space from the side wall ?
thanx mapman & martykli agree 100% with both of youmine is placed 2.8 feet to side wall and 4 feet to back wall..( all measurments from tweeter ) 
Merlin vsm mme owners, Cardas cabling Question.
Cellcbern :) you said that right....surely Merlins are the BEST "small room speakers" i agree 100% 
Focal Mini Utopia vs Merlin MXe
anybody likes Mcintosh with Merlins ? 
Merlin VSM... how far from the walls ?
I had changed my room 3 times in last 7 years,rooms were not very similar..Merlin ended up in somewhat same position.... so was wondering.... 
SS amp for Merlin VSMs?
EXPOSURE MCX MONOBLOCKS ALL SOLID STATEdamping factor 103very good match with merlins all SS 
What new amp for my Merlins
Hi allI have ARS fila se, pathos logos & Exposure 3010 S2 pre/pow full SSand i can honestly tell everyone that Exposure is the best among the three ,with merlin VSM, superb matching...If you have more money you can buy exposure pre/monoblocks ... 
Wadia 861
sbfx satyamCould you share your views on the synergy between merlin vsm and cadence canasya monoblocksRegards 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
Martykl, i have tried your idea before. 1 or 2 inches can be taken back. more than that will give a compressed sound. And the low bass increases and not the mid bass, i felt so. i feel the ARS sonum GRAN filarmonia may give what i am looking for. ... 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
I had a REL storm 3 sub before in the same room. Some how did not like it.Problem with bam is BAM will cut off frequencies below 30HZ. so what is going to SUB from amp speaker end is cut off below 30HZ.Another option is i can use the Second OUT fr... 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
Thanx Reynolds, this is the problem = system NOT having a fullness of sound at lower volumeI really have to play it loud to get fullness of sound.i guess its difficult to integrate a sub with Merlin & BAM 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
I have positioned them 5 feet 9 inches apart, tweeter to tweeter, 2.5 feet from the side wall to side baffle,52 inches from tweeter to the wall behind the speakerand i listen from 9 feetAny changes to be made ? 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
Thaluza, I think you have an ideal room size for merlins 
merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?
thanx tubegrooverMerlin vsm is known to be driven easly (89db 8ohms)I think my room is still small :)Merlins may require SS 175 watts or tube 60 watts to be driven well.many many years ago when i buy a speaker , i look at the maximum watts recomme...