Audio Aero Prima 24-bit/192kHz What Version?

I've been doing a little surfing on this CD player, and discovered a rather confusing thing about it. It looks like Audio Aero made several different CD players with the same name over time.

Most manufacturers will change the name when a new model comes out at least like this Prima, Then Prima MK-2, Then Prima MK-3 etc.

My search shows several different Audio Aero prima CD players. Some look completely different. Some look just like it on the outside, but completely different on the inside layout.

The only thing I can find on this CD player that may give someone a clue about which version this one is is a small tag on the bottom with a hand written number. Here it is:


Could this stand for the 219th one made in 2004 completed in February?

I have contacted Audio Aero through their contact page and Big surprise! no response. I've noticed that French companies have notoriously poor customer service.

I would like to obtain a service manual, or at least find out what the make & model of the transport is.

On My initial research I came up with a Philips CDM12 transport that could be replaced with a Philips VAM1252. Now I find that some of the Audio Aero Prima CD players used Sony transports. I have a Sony CD player too, and the transports are different. I know this means nothing.

If anyone has any ideas let me know


Agreed Jim,

this has been a confusing company over the years.
I know a guy whom used to deal Audio Aero a number of years ago. I had a demo around 2004/2005. Very nice sounding player, was out of my budget at that time.
Anyway, check out Galen Carol Audio in San Antonio, Texas.
If he cannot help, he will point you in the correct direction.

Happy Listening!
I had a Prima years ago when there was only one version available and Audio Aero was a very populars manufacturer. When it died Audio aero was in a death spiral and after a few intermediate patch ups nothing more could be done. I loved the sound after finding the right tube and was deeply disapointed. It took a little more than a year for it to run it's course. The company itself was collapsing and has since re-emergeed in a couple of guises, the image is not a good one. There doesn't appear to be any consistency of quality. I could be all wrong and the new company's products are indeed high quality but the fact that they won't answer you tells you something already.
Thus a player whose age you don't know is a set up for problems. Return it or just be be prepared for a possibly short lifespan, good luck whatever decision you make.