Audio Aero Puck Fix.

The puck on my Capitole MKll had a little slop to it when placed on the CD. I cut 3 strips of electricians black plastic tape 1/16" x 1/8" and pasted them equally spaced on the bevel of the puck that sits on the spindle. A perfect fit now with no slop thus no wobble while spinning. This might work with other pucks on other players too.

Good Luck,
Mine works quite well. Still, thanks for the suggestion. I wonder, beneath which full moon did folks come up ith the idea of such a gadget.
Mine works fine too, I just noticed a slight play (back and forth in the puck) only several thousanths of an inch or the thickness of the tape. I was thinking of machining a new puck from plastic, now that is a full moon idea!

Interesting. Perhaps I should look closer. Still, if it ain't broke, leave it alone.

Especially with the AA which is one product bought on emotion. I love it and I wouldn't exchange it....moody as it sometimes gets.