Audio and Vinyl Shops in Charlottesville VA

Hey Folks:

Headed to Charlottesville for a week and was wondering if there are any audio or record shops I should visit during my stay. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Fifteen years ago there was a small used vinyl shop right along The Corner on University Ave in a downstairs/basement location. Don't recall the name of the place. Plan 9 used to carry vinyl when their C'ville location was near the University. They are now north of town along the US 29 corridor at Seminole Square Shopping Center. Their Richmond store and returned to vinyl, so there may be some in C'ville, too.
There is one audio store. Stereotypes. Their main brands are B&W, Macintosh, Classe. Really esoteric stuff! Their used section is worth a glance.

At Crutchfields, in their new store, you don't even listen to components any more, you listen to a signal digitally processed to simulate the sound of the component you want to audition.

And then there's Plan 9, already covered.
I thought Plan 9 on 29 Business was in the Albermarle Shopping Center?

Anyway, they are only a shell of the store they used to be when they were down on campus. Still probably worth checking out if you have nothing better to do.

Thanks, Notec. Would rather hit the two on the downtown mall than go up 29. Aiming for Friday.