Audio articles of interest

As i search various subjects on the web, i run across short but interesting articles that i'd like to share with others. I'm sure that you folks find articles that you would like to share on occasion also. As such, let's see if we can keep one common thread for these "finds".

As a matter of convenience for all involved, i would like to encourage those of you that contribute to this thread to try to use the "markup tags" that allows one to simply click on the link and see what the article that the was being discussed. If you don't know how to do this, there are directions directly below the section that one types in their response at. It is labeled "No html, but you may use markup tags". One can click on this link and it will tell you how to post using clickable links, etc... step by step. If you are worried that it may not work properly, try previewing your post prior to submitting it. If the link is not working properly, simply hit the "edit post" feature and correct the mistakes that you made.

I'll start off with a brief yet interesting article about a guy building and setting up a dedicated listening room that i found. I hope that others will contribute to this thread and like the idea as it gives us a chance to expand our audio horizons beyond the normally travelled paths. Sean
Here are some tweaky links (not original: a subpage of one of cdc's links), especially the stereophile articles.
Hey cdc, you implying we is some deadbeat insomniac? Ha, even if it's all true, great links! ...Aaaahh, the slings and arrows we must bear to keep threads alive or to subscribe to them for future ref...!
This is not to say that i endorse or agree with the findings / point of view of this person, but those that are interest in the differences of passive parts, especially capacitors, should take a look at this website. The author writes and tries to display variances amongst capacitors with some very interesting results. I will only add that many of the results posted here fly in the face of other test results / comparisons that i've seen. None the less, i thought it made interesting reading for those that are "worried" about such things : ) Sean
Here's another source of interesting info on "the final frontier" of trying to obtain a good sound system. While they were found on ASC's website, the main articles worth reading were about room acoustics and another about the proper selection and use of bass traps in a room. Both of these articles are reprints of Moncrieff's original articles as they appeared in International Audio Review aka "IAR". Sean