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Most impactful for playing soft
I’m using a little 2.3 wpc amp from Decware. I have a custom 4wpc amp under construction. @carlsbad2 Sounds interesting. Any thoughts on GLOW Amp One Single Ended Tube Amplifier - SPECIAL EDITION  
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
Here's to Audiogon who even has a forum. Not sure what they gain from this as it's a website for selling but appreciate they do.  
Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?
What happened to Audio Magic Stealth? It was all the rage and then vanished.  
Using battery power to go off the City's power grid
For all you people "Using battery power to go off the City's power grid', does your stereo sound as good in the daytime as night? People often say their stereo sounds better at night. Is it dirty power from the grid or something else?    
Sound and Music
Unlike many musicians, we have this bug tha t craves good sound. How about this take? Musicians produce the sound. Stereos try to reproduce it. Reproductions have inherent flaws and those flaws can draw one’s attention from the music and to the... 
Good Speakers for Rock and Roll Under 15K
Would welcome any recommendations for speakers that do a great job with classic rock and roll. What does this mean? Before recommending speakers, you have to know what the OP requires from a rock and roll speaker compared to one for, say, orche... 
I Was Considering Active, Then I Watched This ...
One reason active is better is the short speaker wire from amp to speaker and long I/C from pre to amp. I was told by one cable mfg this is the preferred way to do things.   
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
@ assetmgrsc can you or anyone else speak to the audio quality of music pulled off of Utube. Do you mean the music they play when reviewing components or music for listening? For music, it is better than some crappy MP3 download’s I have don... 
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
Goldenear on YouTube.  
Quick System Building Pop Quiz:
Number 2 since I'm still trying to decide what "good sound" is. The first 80% is a lot cheaper than when going for the last 20%. Meaning before I go for the last 20%, I better have the basics right.  
Looking for 200 watt Amp to drive Dynaudio Heritage speakers
How about 300 watts? This should do the trick ;) Fosi Audio V3 Stereo Amplifier Home Audio 300 Watts x2 Power Product Dimensions 6.5 x 4.1 x 1.4 inches Item Weight 2.2 pounds  
Volume levels
In the morning before my ears have been assaulted with the cacophony of everyday life, I find lower volumes sound great. +1  
Did your system getting better the more money you spent or more experience you gained?
Sounds "better" but does not mean I enjoy it more. "Better' is a tricky word.  
15 in full range drivers
’full range drivers" It means the driver is run full range without FR limit by crossover or hi/low pass filters.    
Why do we demand so much from our systems?
@emergingsoul   What is your system? The more you hear, the more you hear what is wrong. Maybe tape cassette is a better medium. Plus this isn't 1970. Our modern intercommunicated world is constantly bombarding us with new products. Too many ch...