Audio Desk & it's service

DETAILS: Bought the Audio Desk RCM despite having 2 other RCM , namely , Loricraft PRC4 & VPI 17f. It's so convenient that I cleaned every single I bought unlike previously. Unfortunately not very reliable . Within 1 month , it's spoiled & I need to send it back to Germany for repair . Took a long while to get it back , something like 2months. Recently after cleaning 3 LPs, I smelled smoke coming out for the machine & promptly informed my dealer about it who suggested I write in to Audio desk . After repeated attempts over 2 months + , all I get is silence . Meanwhile my dealer has been trying to get in touch with audio desk & received the same treatment . Was wondering what happen & I decided to test the availability of Reiner , the owner of Audio desk by requesting to purchase 10 units of Audio desk . Guess what ? I received immediate response within 24 hours . Talking about lack of service !!! Anybody has problem getting their RCM service ? Pls advise . Somebody in Germany told me to take it to the tallest floor in my office & take aim & throw it into a dustbin!!!
I'm sorry to hear of your experience with this RCM Audioblazer. I bought my Audio Deske from Cable Co. and it's been working ok. I get concerned about reliability and future dealer/manufacturer support when I read stories like this, especially on such a pricy and highly touted piece of equipment. It's upsetting to hear that Reiner Glass has been avoiding your emails. Maybe he's having financial problems. The right thing to do would be to respond to you immediately and make every effort to either repair or exchange your unit for a new one.
Well, I'll have to say I've been loving mine for a couple years now. I have wondered where to get service when it runs into problems. I bought mine from Steve Dobbins who I believe is no longer selling them. I guess one of the U.S. Distributors would be the one to call. I hope it keeps working and can be serviced. It honestly has been the most lifestyle changing purchase I've made in audio. It's difficult to estimate how much time it's saved me and (knock on wood) it's been about perfectly reliable so far.
the Audio Desk is a great ultrasonic cleaner

I second KL Audio as a better machine

more rugged design
no cleaner or brushes to replace
variable cleaning and drying time
incredibly reliable

I've had mine for 1 1/2 years
no issues, great sonics
No doubt great but the failure rate is so high . Within 3 months , out of about 7 units , was told 5 units failed. As good as it is , it's totally unreliable . When I was in MOC 2015 , I was wondering why would people bother to even consider Audio desk which is so unrealiable & probably has the most unreliable & irresponsible manufacturer I know of . I was thinking , don't these people read ? Well I suppose some people probably are ignorant like me who bought the RCM despite reading bad feedbacks on the reliability of the unit