Audio Desk Systeme RCM - what's been your experience?

Hi All,

I have owned an ADS RCM for a little under 3 years. During that time, I've been able to work through my 3500 LP collection at a cleaning rate that just wasn't possible with my former RCM, the reputable VPI, in general, because of the ease and effectiveness of cleaning LPs, I've savored my time with the ADS RCM.

That is until now...

"Both the pump and ultrasonic transducer are failing" was the diagnosis delivered by the US distributor after the RCM abruptly stopped working. Essentially DOA...and out of warranty.

Before I formulate my next move, I'd love to hear from current or former owners of ADS RCMs - what have been your experiences with the reliability of the Audio Desk Systeme RCM?

Thanks for your time - appreciated!
Just in case anyone is interested, I use the Elmasonic P60H, and think it to be a highly cost-effective solution for cleaning two records at a time.

Furthermore, I defy anyone to get records as clean, without one. I tried cleaning 4 records at a time with 18 mm spacing. They cleaned up beautifully, no trace of soiling, etc.  But then, after cleaning 2000 records this way, I did the unfortunate test: two at a time. The result: grunge in the bottom of the tank after cleaning 12 records which had been previously cleaned 4 at a time in the same US machine. That's the objective evidence - subjective evidence is that they sounded far better.

I also did a few records (2 at a time) for the local high end store, and they were more than impressed on subjective sound. So, the jury is, as they say, in. Two at a time: 75 watts per record, 1.5 inch spacing.

I've had my ADS cleaner for almost three years. I don't doubt it'll fail at some point. I've done much more preventive maintenance than required by the manufacturer. Do you feel the pump failure was the fault of the parts/design or the lack of preventive maintenance? I think I've cleaned at least 2000 lps. (I always steam the lps first then an additional rinse on my VPI before I use the ADS.)
What is the "extra" maintenance that you've done?

To answer your question - both.

In brief, my thoughts are:

1) it stands to reason that a machine with electronic/software-driven sequences and so many moving parts will require maintenance over time,
2) some of those moving parts will fail and/or require replacement,
3) it's extremely irksome that the design of the original ADS RCM (and to a certain extent the Pro) does not have better quality parts and is not of a design that allows easy (by user or in-country distributor) maintenance or replacement of parts,
4) I'm frustrated by the need for a repair/replacement solution 3 years into a $4000 "premium class" purchase exacerbated by the appearance that these failures are not rare.

I signed up for a premium RCM whose marketing has proven more robust than the machine itself.

That said...when it works, it's an effective, convenient machine that has added enjoyment to my record collection.
As I'm reading the responses to my post, I'm cleaning one set of barrel rollers hoping I can outlast others. I will post when mine breaks, until then, I'm going to enjoy it.