Audio Experience gear direct from factory

Has any one heard the Audio Experience Symphony Preamp? They have an ad on the website here for factory direct pricing, but I need some feedback on the company and the sound of the preamp. Has anyone heard these units? Thanks
A friend of mine has one of the pre-amps & it sounds great, it made me pull my Conrad PV10 out of my system. Well worth the money, contact: He is also a member here.
hey now...

Yes indeed, I have the y-s audio "symphonies" tube pre. I've only heard it up against two other preamps.

1. the rotel RC-1070 it prelaced. not even in the same league, let alone ballpark.

2. fishwaters CJ pv10, and it was night and day there as well. the CJ sounded like it was playing music through a pillow. when we intruduced the Symphonies...likely even before it was fully broken in, it was instand bloom and clarity.

I really love it, and think it would be a real streatch to beat it for the $400 shipped price tag. Delivery took a little while...but the serial number suggests it was made to order. worth the wait.
quality construction, and truely minimal when looking at the guts. All point to point, nice tube layout. sweet look and sound overall. I love it, and consider it the most perminant piece of gear in my system.
Does it have a remote? Cause I'm sure not gonna get up just to chage the volume like I did 10 years ago.