Audio Horizons TP 2.0 Preamplifier

Anyone famaliar with the manufacturer,and in particular
this pre amp.The credentials and testimonials seem
impressive.The advertised 10 day audition is appealing.
I emailed Victor and Audio Horizons several times in the past 5 months about the upgrade with out a response from AH. Mighty strange i would say.
Hoping all is OK with Victor and Joseph. I'm a happy music lover with my 2.1nrb with early 60s Siemens CCAs.
It does seem strange that they continue to advertise their products on this site, but would not respond to several e-mails from one of their good customers and proponents. I too have been curiously keeping an eye out for information on the new "flagship" preamp they posted about.
Well, I'm delighted that this thread has been returned to service by Audiogon. It has been missing too long.

As I have reported before, I have beta tested products on behalf of Audio Horizons. These products include the various DACs, line level preamps, wire, and now I can report, a tube power amp.

The power amp I tested is a low watt SET. It is a functional unit but not in the final cosmetic form. I listened to it for about 3 weeks and returned it to AH yesterday.

I loved it and expect to buy one when it reaches production. I don't know when that will be. Based on my observation of other AH product development, cosmetics take time for Joseph to sort through. I won't expect this amp to pop out right away. A functioning unit doesn't translate as quickly as I would wish into a final product. If the past is an indicator, Joseph will continue to play with the circuit and layout, too. I don't want to raise your hopes prematurely - but the amp does exist.

My loudspeakers are 92dB efficent and high impedance - Coincident Technologies Super Eclipse III. Played through them, this amplifier delivered rich detail, tonal balance (consistency, if you will) from top to bottom of the audio frequency, airy top end, and solid tight bass. Sound stage was deep, and with good quality recording, there were no obvious boundaries to it.

I have had a number of fine solid state and tube amplifiers in my system over the years. This one is the best yet in my system.

As for details about the amp itself, it is under development by Joseph, and it is not my story to tell.

My guess is Joseph is taking care of family matters at this time.

Sherod, U-DA-MAN !!
Hi to all. Hope all of you are well and still abundant in these interesting times. I am very happy to see this thread is back. Just reporting in on changes. Still using my AH 2.1 with early 60's Siemens CCA's. Now have Kool Cable gold Silkworm IC and Nuforce Reference 9V2 SE mono amps and am enjoying the sound with the AH - good synergy.
It is great to hear that an AH amp is on the way. I emailed Victor in January a few times and each time received an immediate response, so maybe he is not receiving sltrains mail - perhaps call them to check? As email servers have tightened up I notice that now at times my email is blocked and stuff going to me is shunted to deleted or spam that is from private parties that I know.