Audio Magic Sorcerer IC's... Any help?

The reason for this is I just purchased used a pair of these looking for that improvement in soundstage. Although I got a good deal on these (I think) they are nothing like the AQ Emerald X3's they are subbing for. Knowing that cables and components take time to burn in, I'm wondering if these cables have a inherit sound quality. What has happened is, and to my surprise, the soundstage door has closed quite a bit, and the lower bass and mids are rolled off...lacking detail. I'm using these between a Theta Chroma and ARC LS2. I'm going to switch the tube from a Philips to an Amperex but I don't feel this will help. Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.

If they haven't been used in a while they will need to burn in for a week or two before they open up.
The Sorcerer is a very fast and detailed cable. What you are describing is a cable that needs to settle in your system and probably needs break in time. Most cables that sound congested need time to cook.