Audio Magic Stealth pc experiences.

After owning several fine pc's (Hydra,Sound Application CFX,
PS Audio PS600)I find the stealth to be king of the hill.
More extension, more transparency, better accuracy and
when using two of these units to separate digital and analog
the only word to describe it is WOW!

The AudioMagic website looks like it was built by a bunch of 3rd grade students and therefore I've found it difficult to take the company seriously.

Can you please tell me how the Stealth compared to the Hydra? A description of what the Hydra did vs. what the Stealth did would help.
The Hydra is colored in comparison. There is a small haze
between you and the music.The Hydra is also a little bloated. Every system is different, and you'll have to audition the stealth, to make sure it's what you're looking
for. I use a Virtual Dynamic reference power cord on the stealth which is something very special. I still think the
Hydra is good, but it's outclassed by the stealth. Good luck
and happy listening.
Hey Miguel- what's up? I spoke to you a while ago about the Virtual Dynamics PC's. I am going to try the new one- 'Power Signature'- I'll let you know...
I agree. While owning a PS Audio 300 and a 600, I compared those to the CFX. Big difference in openess and dynamics in favor of the CFX. Sold the PS Audios and bought the CFX. Then I tried the Stealths. Almost as much difference between the Stealth and CFX and there was between the CFX and Power Plants. Stealth was dead silent, more open, more transparent, better layering, more name it. Sold the CFX and bought 2 Stealths. They're terrific power conditioners that have no peer.
Enjoy the Music dot com has an excellent review of all the power conditioners mentioned above.
I have two stealths on the way. One was a digital where I had the digital circuits removed to make it a true 2 outlet stealth. I also had Jerry pull the Leviton AC receptical out of it for an Acme silver cryo. Then I sold my UO and am now ordering a true digital stealth for my DAC & transport to totally seperate digital from amp & preamp.

My question is about where to place my best power cords? Do I use them going into the stealth and thus benefit everything down the line or will the Stealth "clean up" power so much that the "BEST" power cord would be better served on a component?

I am currently running the Elrod EPS-3 into the UO w/ it feeding the amp via an Elrod EPS-2 and the transport via a Shunyata Cobra. When the first stealth arrives I will keep this orientation just for comparison. However, when the digiatal stealth arrives I then have to make some decisions. The power cords I have on hand that can be placed into action are the Omega Mikro w/ active shield. TG Audio HSR-A, JPS Powe AC, and an Electra Glide-like Ribbon cord (GREAT CORD!) Thought about pulling off the EPS-2 for the digital Stealth and then using the HSR-A on the amp (it is still burning in just got it here 10 days ago) since the HSR-A is supposed to be killer for tube amps? Then again, juicing the stealths w/ a couple Ribbons and saving the EPS for the components sure sounds like a good idea too???

Any input about power cord experiences & the Stealths appreciated.
Blazter, Seems like you'll be having a fantastic time!! Looks like you have a plethora of outstanding power cords to try with the Stealth(s).

From the sheer number of PC's you have, it seems that the condition of your AC is important to you. I would presume you've taken the steps to add a couple dedicated lines for your system.

I have seen a wave of people who have foregone the idea of power conditioners, filters, etc. in favor of mulitiple dedicated AC lines (one for each component) and good PCs specifically selected for each component.

Using conditioners & filters seems to blanket the entire system with a single coloration - which in my system, disrupted the uniqueness of my individual components and caused a breakdown in synergy coupled with a lack of transparency.

Be sure to listen objectively. The conditioners are initially very impressive... but if you listen close enough with the Stealth/Hydra/CFX, etc. in your system. You will hear a coloration. Of course it makes things different but... is it truly better? For some systems it may be good. But if your system is tonally balanced and without sharp edges, a line conditioner is not necessary.

In every instance with various PCs and conditioners, I preferred the conditioner on my DIGITAL only - which seems to defeat the purpose of having a multi-outlet unit.

For a really good AC "upgrade" which will not add color to your system - you might want to look at Dave Magnan's website for system tweeks he has described and advised on how to build some very interesting DIY AC filters which could be the cats meow.

Have fun.