Audio Quest Niagara 5000

I’m very interested in purchasing a AQ Niagara 5000. I’ve read and heard that there is a buzzing noise from the transformer. And on a utube video from Jays audio lab when he demoed the AQ 5000 and Shunyata Denali he said the hum from the AQ 5000 was also going through his speakers  Does anyone own AQ 5000 and can tell me how bad the hum is ? Also this is a power conditioner / surge protector. But I’m really wanting it for the power conditioning. If there is a hum from the transformer and it’s supposed to take all bad dirty electricity from your line why would anyone want this power conditioner that the transformer hums and u can here it from up to 2 ft away. 

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I have the 5000. I can hear no hum at the unit or through the speakers.  I believe some were having trouble with the 7000 and transformer hum, but the 7000 has an additional transformer inside???  Or it was something to that affect.  Btw the 5000 sounds very nice on my sources only. 

I've heard some users feel the N5000 limits current with it's "conditioning" circuit.  I don't believe you can condition an AC sine wave.  You don't take the noise out and leave the perfect 60 hz wave.  The effective devices rectify it and invert it.