Audio Quest Niagara 5000

I’m very interested in purchasing a AQ Niagara 5000. I’ve read and heard that there is a buzzing noise from the transformer. And on a utube video from Jays audio lab when he demoed the AQ 5000 and Shunyata Denali he said the hum from the AQ 5000 was also going through his speakers  Does anyone own AQ 5000 and can tell me how bad the hum is ? Also this is a power conditioner / surge protector. But I’m really wanting it for the power conditioning. If there is a hum from the transformer and it’s supposed to take all bad dirty electricity from your line why would anyone want this power conditioner that the transformer hums and u can here it from up to 2 ft away. 

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I have the 5000. I can hear no hum at the unit or through the speakers.  I believe some were having trouble with the 7000 and transformer hum, but the 7000 has an additional transformer inside???  Or it was something to that affect.  Btw the 5000 sounds very nice on my sources only. 

I've heard some users feel the N5000 limits current with it's "conditioning" circuit.  I don't believe you can condition an AC sine wave.  You don't take the noise out and leave the perfect 60 hz wave.  The effective devices rectify it and invert it.


Maybe look into Audience. No transformers- no hum. Excellent sound, top-notch service. 

I own the AudioQuest 7000. I hear no hum. But I suppose if I stuck my ear on top of the unit, I could probably detect something. Noise heard thru the speakers? No way, BS.

All transformers will produce some noise. I guess it would depend on what you have the conditioner sitting on. A vibrating thin flexible shelve would probably be a bad idea.

The benefits of using the AudioQuest power conditioner is way larger than any type of noise issue you may perceive. And I have tried all of the big-name conditioners.

My 7000 powers not only my front end equipment but also 2 very large and powerful mono amps (Michi 8). The amps sound better and are more dynamic than just plugging them into the wall outlet! I think the AudioQuest circuitry is supposed to be able to store enough current for very large peak demands. Something like 90 amps!

BTW, Don’t believe Jay’ audio lab, he is typically full of it... All for show and probably for money.


I have also been considering the 5000 but I am not sure it will power my 4 source components, tube preamp and Mac 300wpc amp.  What do you think?  I could never afford the 7000. 

@ozzy  From what I understood from Jays utube video was when the power correction switch was engaged that he heard the buzzing from his speakers. I originally also of using it for my Audio Research Ref 750 mono blocks but Audio Research responded to an email from me and they said they don’t recommend using a power conditioner for those amps. But for my ARC ref cd9 and Ref 6 se that would be fine. That question was for the 5000 not the 7000. Maybe it would be ok if  the ref 750s went into the 7000. 

From what I understood from Jays utube video was when the power correction switch was engaged that he heard the buzzing from his speakers ...

Jay used to have a thread here and a few users and myself figured out he had some pretty big problems with his AC lines. He couldn't imagine that his electrician got it wrong and left A'gon got in quite a huff.

I actually think Jay is probably a pretty good guy. But, like a lot of these YT "influencers," he thinks he's beyond reproach. They're just not a reliable source of information - consider that their whole premise is built on lossy audio. That makes no sense, but I guess they provide drama and "excitement" of the vicarious sort.

Do not use a power conditioner with ARC amps. They always sound better directly into the wall outlet.

@gpgr4blu  Yes. I’ve also was told that from Audio Research and there was a utube video from Jays Audio lab and he also said that. 

Generally, it is better to plug the amps directly into the wall outlet. That is until you use the AudioQuest 7000 units. Believe what you will, I have experienced it.

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Presently I am using the Michi 8. (1800 watts per channel!)

(Read my current review) Audiogon Discussion Forum

Previous to that I used Bob Carver M350 (tube), Pass Labs X350.8, X350.5 (solid state), Atma-Sphere M60 3.3 (tube) 


I have the 7000 and while with certain gear there can be a quiet hum near the unit, it hasn’t been through speakers.  I have my entire system going through it, with BHK300 monoblocks as well.  I find extra dynamics with the units added storage for transients.  I’m going to experiment adding an older Furman reference 15 to see if having some gear on that provides benefits.  

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@ozzy Jays audio lab only has about 22K subscribers, Considering the amount of money that guy spends on Audio gear and loses he takes reselling I wouldn’t think he makes much money if any. I used to watch his videos but stopped long ago.

No experience with the Niagra power conditioners but have had  a great experience with the Puritan 156 power conditioner in my refernce system.

I’m not a fan of most power conditioners as I dont think you can actually condition your a/c so cheaply

This is a big reason why I use synergistic research "power conditioner" Most of the sound benefits here come from the power cord, outlets, grounding, ext. The folded EM cells are supposed to provide AC filtration. I’m not sure if thats actually true but unlike the overwhelming majority of conditioners in the market, it doesnt restrict dynamics. In fact, I’m thrilled to plug in my power amp to the SR unit as it actually increases available power reserves.

I tried the AQ and Shunyata equivalents. I even tried the powerplant. The unit that gave largest sonic improvement with least restriction was the synergistic unit. I’m actually scared to switch over to something like the AQ

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