Audio Research cd7 display?

Do all arc cd7's have a dimmable display?When I turn the display all the way off I can still see it a little.Is this normal?Also the unit has a standbye option.With nothing at all mentioned in the owners manual about this feature is it better to keep it in stand bye mode when not in use?
Hello Spaz , how do you manage to dim the display , on my remote there is no button ( as seen on the REF3 remte ),so I can't dim my display. Standby mode leaving on , depends on how long not in use .
Regards Hans
I just recieved my unit from AR sat Oct17th..It was one of the last if not the last refcd7's built..It has the same 5 step dimmable display the cd8 has..I'm also trying to understand the best way to burn this thing in..Does burn in really make a difference in sound??
Hey Spaz, I don't have a Ref CD unit but... burn in does make a difference helping to settle the electronics in. If in doing so I have seen that playing a CD for about 24 hrs at a time and THEN letting the unit rest before repeating the same process is one of the best ways. I have just gottwn my upgraded CD 3 Mk 2 back from ARC and it is simply amazing with the differences I can preceive and each time I listen I hear still more. As far as stnd By goes my CD 3 Mk 2 is alway in stand by but mine is also a SS unit, with your Ref 7 being tubed you may want to leave it in Stnd By only when your going to having (or anticpiate) listening secessions so that the tubes warm more quickly, the display you might find out a bit more if you check the ARC web sight @ For more answers don't hesitate to call ARC's Tech dept, Lenard and Chris will steer you in the right direction.
How long did it take for your unit to break in?I can't believe this player will get that much better with 100 to 600 hours on it..