Audio Research CD7 sliding cover - How it works?

Hi, I wonder if someone could share your experience operating the ARC CD7 player. In particular, how are you supposed to close the sliding CD cover after you load a CD into the player?

Do you just slide horizontally? Or, you're supposed to lift (pull up) the handle on the sliding cover a little bit in order to close the cover fully?

By design, the shape of the handle (inverted trapezoid)suggests that it should be pulled up a bit when pulling.

Thanks for your help.
Just slide across horizontally and don't forget to keep it closed when not in use to prevent dust build up. Be aware that dust can build up quickly on the exposed lens.
Do you mean to tell me that on such an expensive cd player, you have to manually slide the cover closed? My very old Sony SCD 777ES sacd player does it automatically. Then again, they use their own transport, not some cheap Phillips pro plastic transport. IMHO, a player that expensive, should use a better transport like one of the Esoteric's.
Mine just slides closed. I prefer a manual sliding cover. With an automatic sliding cover, you've got more moving parts and more things that can wear out and more things that can go wrong. AR got it right by using a manual closing cover. It is simple, efficient and it works.
I meant to ask if you're supposed to lift the sliding cover handle a tiny bit towards the end of travel, when sliding horizontally to the left.

In my case, if I slide the cover horizontally without pulling up the handle a bit towards the end of sliding, the cover won't close completely. There is a kind of bump blocking the action. Any issue with it? Any adjustments need to be done?

Thanks for your help.
I had the same issue you are having a number of years back. You most likely need to bend the metal guide on the underside of the sliding cover so it fits into the plastic guide which is located on the inside left top once you open up the slider.
Gregf1, thanks a lot for your post.

Actually, I was able to figure it out last night myself. Now it slides very smoothly. CD7 is such a nicely designed and built player. Very solid and heavy-duty.

I was looking at the Marantz SA7-S1 but changed my heart for the ARC CD7. Well, the SA7-S1 is a good player but the CD7 is much more involving and emotional, thanks to the use of 6 tubes (mine was upgraded by ARC to have the 5881 tube, which replaced two 6H30 tubes).

CD7 presents a bigger and deeper soundstage, more air, more layers and better separations. These are my initial impressions after a very short audition.

BTW, I wonder if there's a dimming functing for the LCD display on the CD7. I read it some where either CD8 or CD7 has this feature (4 step dimming). But it doesn't show in the instruction manual.

Thanks again, everyone.
Congrats on the CD7 - I don't own one, but just heard one last week and it was the sweetest sounding CD player I've ever heard. I've not listened to anything super expensive, so maybe there's much better, but to my virgin ears the CD7 was wonderful.