audio research dac 3 vs m-f trivista 21

i know this is exotic product but does anyone have the chance to audition both dac and conclude which one is the better. Unfortunately i must make choice wihtout listening.
I have mac integrated amp whit canton speaker.
I agree with Stanwal. I had the TriVista DAC as well as the TriVista SACD player. The DAC is smooth and detailed, loads on bass, nicely balanced IMHO.
The DAC-3 is in my opinion very well designed and build as with all ARC products,sound is very detailed,emphasized highs and clear midrange,not too heavy or boomy on the bass,just good clear wide soundstage and no listening fatigue even after long sessions.Take a look at for pictures and description.Again ARC offers great product support.Another great DAC I own and equally love is the Sonic Frontiers sfd2mk2.
I've heard both extensively and own a Trivista. It seems strange to say but I think there are basically the same--can't go wrong with either. More air in the ARC, more detail in the MF. It will be easy to live with either.
I have had both and infact a few months ago, the ARC Dac 7 and the Trivista DAC side by side along with the Bryston DAC..
I never wanted to compromise detail for any thing in the chain. The ARC is a wonderful product but after several a long listen in various systems, I ended up buying another Trivista DAC.
I have 2 of these DAC’s now running as my main source of digital, a simple description would be a “Balanced” delivery when it comes to digital. Its just about right in every element involved the reproduction music. Built like a tank and it is smoother sounding that the current Bryston DAC which I was very impressed with as well.
I own a Trivista DAC as well paired up with a CEC 1. Great sound. Just for giggles I am getting a Sony XA-5400ES modright modded cd player to compare.