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Any DAC comparable to my Linn Akurate CD ?
PS Audio DS DAC should be on your auditioning list IMO. 
PS Audio Direct Stream
I've had the DS now for 4 months or so, lot of hours on it, been thru the first and second firmwares, and I think the sound is show stoppingly amazing. I love the improvement on Redbook cd's, and SACD iso kills. The DS startded out good, but with ... 
Music Servers - Baetis vs. Music Vault
Get a decent PC or Mac and stick the extra $1300 into your rig. Baetis PITA is my experience. 
How good is the Oppo 105 as a DAC?
So-so for a DAC IMO. I have a PSA Perfect Wave and the OPPO leaves much to desire. The OPPO is GREAT for BLU-Ray video for sure. 
PS Audio Direct Stream
Some peeps have received their dacs. Shipping was supposed to start the 3rd week of April, which would be the 25th. Positive comments at PSA forums so far. I heard it a month ago and it is divine. 
PS Audio Direct Stream
I heard the DS DAC at the AAVC and it is the most incredible DAC I've heard, and is indeed a true game changer. Mine should be shipping soon. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Wow! I can FINALY post after all this AGon mayhem!!! 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Two new Aerosmith remasters- Get Your Wings and Aerosmith from RTI. 
Bass leaves after amp warms up?
testing testing 
Phoenix, AZ
This monthÂ’s meeting will be presented by Colleen Cardas (daughter of George Cardas) and Marc Phillips, of Cardas Audio imports. They will be demonstrating the Opera Seconda loudspeakers (with white gloss finish), a Unison Research Sinfonia integr... 
Phoenix, AZ
Is AC power and grounding a mystery to you? Come and learn everything you always wanted to know! Many low-cost techniques will be described to improve your listening experience. The event will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church, 9424 N 7th Ave. in... 
Phoenix, AZ
Our monthly meeting on 26 September will be at Esoteric Audio, Gary Hjerpe's high-end-audio store that's been serving audiophiles in Phoenix for decades. Gary will be featuring the Aesthetix Atlas poweramp, of which Wes Phillips of Stereophile and... 
Picture Thread
Coolest thread ever! Now if I can remember how to post a pic... 
Audiogon's most knowledgeable PC Audio gurus?
Have you looked into computeraudiophile dot com? Highly recommended. 
At what vol level do you get rumble / flutter?
There is rumble recorded in about 50%+ of the records I own, and it has NOTHING to do with set-up or placement or arm/cart matching. When I go to the audio shows I always notice woofer pumping, even on super $$$ set-ups. On a lot of LP's it is una...