I'm not so concerned about the dog, but I am concerned about the number of pillows and extra carpets are in the background.

( "You were a Good Dog, Nipper.  You Did hear your masters' voice...

..but Now....everything But.... 🤷‍♂️ 😏 *scratches Sunny's' ears*  Good Lucky dog...

RIP over that rainbow...."  ✨ )

@mahler123   *L*  Around here, both catz and Sunny D. Dog could and can give a stink bug stuck flipped on its' back definitely more attention than they ever give whatever I chose to listen or 'background' my hours.

The only real reaction is when I choose Louder....then they retreat and go to sleep.

'Music' is just another noise in their world....*L*  Weird thunder... ;)

@ghdprentice, that set of photos that follow after the dog photo are pretty damn impressive. Solid photography!