Audio Research LS9 volume control is not working..

My less than three years old, minimally used, Audio Research LS9 volume control is not working.

There was a power outrage in my area but I thought my Monster-Power HTS 3600 Power surge Protector would have prevent any damage. I guess not.

Pre amp volume control is not working after the power surge occured my area. When I power up, the sound volume level jumps in the middle range even with control knob in the minium level position.

I currently hooked to Rotel pre-amp without balanced mode.
Audio Rsearsch D400 solide state power amp is ok with Dynaudio Confidence2 speakers.

I tested my Audio Research LS9 pre amp to my friend's house with Rotel power amp and B&W 803 speakers.
Same thing. The volume level control knob doesn't work but the sound level jumps into the mid range.

Is this a common failure of Audio Research LS9 volume control? Anyone has a similar trouble?

Any recommand for repair services in NY/NJ metroplitan area?

Well that is pretty odd. Not a common failure at all. The volume control in that unit is a 100 k ohm blue alps control. They can get noisy but I have not heard of the wiper in the control loosing contact with the resistive element. The preamp should be looked at and voltages checked. I assume this problem is occurring on both channels? Unfortunately, I'm on the west coast.
You know what I misspoke. I was thinking you had an SP-9. Does the LS-9 have a digital volume control?? If it does it is possible that the chip controlling the volume has been damaged and will need to be replace..My bad.
Hello, I know this is from 2009 but where you able to get this problem fixed. If so, was it the chip as the one reply back suggested? I am having the same problem and you note was the only information I could find.
Thanks Mitch
Mitch this problem is usually caused by a chip or chips that control the volume.
Thanks, I saw your reply back in 2009 but was also interested
if Kh500 ever got his fixed. However, I believe your right and will use this information to get my unit repaired. I haven't had any luck reaching AR so will need to go elsewhere.