Audio Research SP10 vs ?

I'm finally considering replacing my ARC SP10II. I'm looking for something with the same tonal signature, dynamics, etc, but with better resolution. New or used.
I own an SP-10, SP-11 and the new Quicksilver Full Preamp. The latter is what stays in my system and, at $3900 including an excellent phono stage, it is a bargain in today's market.
Since you got used to an Audio Research two box preamplifier you need an Anniversary Edition Reference Preamplifier ...
Gary, (Muffley) great to see a familiar (audiomart) member on here. Used to talk to you all the time (about D-150 amps) years back. Coming from you, the quicksilver is well worth a listen. How much of a pain is the 2 volume control setup to get used to? The price is set as Quicksilver always did. An honest product. My SP-10 has long been retired due to an inadequate line section. Thanks for the tip. Forgot all about this company ever since the bestselling amps in the late 80s.......Frank
The dual volume controls are not a pain at all. Balance is easily accomplished because Mike uses detented attenuators, unlike Audible Illusions' preamps from a few years back without detents. I remember trying an Audible Illusions preamp once. I was so frustrated with the volume pots it didn't make it through the evening in my system. The Quicksilver is not a problem at all.
Gmuffley, I was vaguely aware of this new Quicksilver unit but so far you are the only user I can find who has commented on it. Can you describe for me how the Quicksilver and the ARC resemble as well as differentiate themselves in your system (and what that is). It would be so helpful to hear from someone who actually has both! :-)