Audio Research Tube AMP Reliability

I was out shopping for amps this weekend, and I ran across a guy getting his ARC tube amp repaired.

He said he really like it, but he has gone through tube replacements, and he had the thing burn up on him, the power lines on the board had smoked and burned. I saw the splices on the board, the damage was pretty big, and about $500 in repairs.

The owner of the shop said he got in ARC amps often due to poor design and reliability.

I am interested in ARC because the reviews are great, but I was wondering if other folks are having trouble with their ARC Amps?

How about the Pre-Amps?

hi everyone!
here is the real story:
ARC gear that was produced in the 80s was the best ever made, period.
Problem: in those days premium hi fi parts with todays technologies where not available. Caps, resistors, volume pots, internal wiring, connectors, solder, plugs.
Huge progress in these areas made in the last 30 years.
If you have time ,money and basic skills, replacing above parts within ARC  gear of the time, will yeald incredible results.
As for tube supply, this is a big issue. Unless you own a tube tester, you are screwd.
NOS tubes are a gamble. Today's tubes  are best bet, provided you buy a large amount of the same production batch.
Here are some parts manufacturers: V caps, vandenhul wires, WBT connectors, TKD stepped attenuators (type C minimum), Caddocks tfts, vichay nude, Mills, fred diods.
Ps electolytic caps in ARC preamps must be replaced with polyprop
The sp10 has space on top and bottom of board to do so provided you lift the whole chassis. The 8s need an external box.
Hundreds of working hours, but then you have a killer, and W.Johnson will bless you from his other life. 

This is an old thread, but for what it is worth I owned an SP-6b and a D90 from 1980 until 2010 with zero problems.  I recently purchased an old, clapped out SP-6a and recapped it with Mundorfs ... sounds even better than my 6b did.